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With Profound Thankfulness

For most of my adult life, I struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety. I found some measure of temporary peace through study of religion, counseling, in various well written self help books, etc. You name it, I tried it. But it all was the same. A lot of talk, bit no on long term answers, no long term benefit. Even in the best of times, I was haunted by the same questions: Is there something more to life than this? Why was I born, what is the purpose of life, is there something more?

Last year things got worse. I was contemplating suicide, full of anger and worries about future. I had had enough of the emptiness and life seemed a waste. My mother was beyond worried about me and what I might do to myself.

I happened to find a flyer and when I read it, I was very skeptical. Everything else I tried never gave me the long sought after peace and they all left me disillusioned. But for whatever reason, I called the number to the local center to give it a try. This was in February.

The “miracle” you search for is right here before you. I am alive today and loving life for one simple reason: meditation. The word “thankful” does not come close to how I feel about this meditation. It saved me.

It is December now and to quote my mother, “I cannot believe the change in you. It is a miracle. You are not the same Andy.” In fact, my whole family sees a profound change in my behavior. No longer sullen and angry, they are seeing a man who is happy and at ease.

This meditation was the light in the darkness, my lifeboat. Please join me. Let’s go to the shore together and join the thousands of others who were saved by the same lifeboat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A miracle awaits you. See you on board!

Andy | Iraq War Veteran | Denver, CO
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