World Meditation Day 2022

World Meditation Day - May 21 2022 - 8AM-9AM MT Donations Welcome

May 21, 2022 | 8AM-9AM MT

A generation ago, John Lennon sang these lyrics: "Imagine all the people, livin' life in peace."

In every corner of the world, people yearn to live together in peace. This vision for harmony and love starts like a seed from within our own hearts, one person at a time. Each human has the power to be a positive force in the world, and together, we can generate the collective energy that fuels the changes we hope for.

We invite you to join us on World Meditation Day: Saturday, May 21st. Let's gather from around the world to open hearts and minds, watering the seeds of true peace through the practice of meditation. Enjoy an inspiring line-up of speakers, activities, exercises, and of course, a meditation practice to cast off stress, pain, and burden - making room for calmness, joy, and coexistence. A better world starts with you.

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