Valentine’s Day Meditation Retreat

valentine day meditation retreat

February 13, 2020   |   2 - 5pm EST  12pm – 3pm MST 

Your task is not to seek love 
But merely to seek and find all the barriers 
Within yourself that you have built against it.
--  Rumi  

Come alone or with a partner and join us for our Valentine’s Day Meditation Retreat and see how through meditation you can eliminate those barriers. True love is without conditions, a love that is all accepting and without judgement. True love is the law of nature itself. Yet for us humans it is hard to have this true love because of all the different minds that we carry. 

Before you can have true love, you must have a true mind, and our program starts with showing you how to get started. Then we will take a break and do an exercise that gently works out every muscle in your body along with some dance exercises and some musical entertainment. After the break we will go back to the meditation that clears your mind and opens your heart.

Join us and find out how to unburden your mind and experience true love and the true world free of the countless minds that have been blocking you.

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