True Freedom Retreat

True Freedom Retreat - Sat July 24th 12PM - 3PM MDT - Suggested Donation $49

Discover the real meaning of "freedom" with meditation. "Freedom" has different meanings depending on the context. We enjoy the freedom and liberties our forefathers gained. We pursue financial freedom. We seek the freedom to live our life unbound by toxic relationships and the endless loop of daily life that drains our energy.

True freedom is not always achieved by changing our exterior circumstances. True freedom is achieved only by breaking free of the bonds we hold in our minds. We can be ourselves fully and discover who we are beneath the noisy surface of the daily grind. Life opens up to you like flowers blooming as you realize your true self. Learn and practice the most effective method that will bring continuous insights for obtaining peace, freedom, and daily presence.

Free your mind. Free your life. With reflective meditation, we’re able to see how our minds are much like the bird in the cage that stays when the door is left open. Let’s escape from our self-limiting beliefs and truly live.

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