Special Virtual Intro

Join us for a special Virtual Intro!

We want to get as many participants as we can for our first group Virtual Introduction to this amazing meditation method. Learn about how we can be free from the stress and countless thoughts that clutter our mind, affect our health and keep us from true freedom.

Our bodies don't know the difference between a real or a perceived experience. When we constantly have worries about finances, current affairs, the future, etc., it keep our bodies in a constant flight-or-fight mode. This state of being is unhealthy physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Meditation will provide the tools to deal with these constant thoughts and emotions that cloud our existence so that we can allow happiness, wisdom and true oneness guide our lives. Being free from the old mode of being allows fresh insights, healing and peace of mind begin to transform us.

Sunday, June 14th @ 6PM MDT.

Select the link below to chose the time above (though you may see your own time-zone). We will send you the Zoom meeting invitation information direcly. Make it a great day!

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