The reason that I started doing meditation was to help with my anxiety and stress level, and to become more in touch with my spirituality. I was constantly looking for a resting place within my life, and I could never find anything to relieve my feeling of stress, anxiety, anger and sadness. I would often experience overwhelming sadness and depression, and cry when I would become overwhelmed. I would also cut myself off from all of the people around me when I was depressed, not allowing any help to come my way.

Since I have been doing meditation I have gained deep happiness and peace that stays with me, and calms me better than anything else can. My relationships have gotten better and improved in ways I never could have dreamed of. I am also currently a student and before meditation the school environment for me was very stressful and challenging. Studying was hard for me to do and concentration and focus was hard to find. After doing meditation I feel like I can let go of all the things that have held me back in my school work, allowing me to get through my classes easier and with great grades.

Meditation has also improved my health; I feel like I can overcome my physical body and maintain better energy throughout the whole day, allowing me to do more. Also before doing meditation I was extremely angry at my father because I felt he wasn’t a good father, yet now I share my joy with him that I have gained from doing meditation, and our relationship is healing.

I realize that the people around me can benefit from my clear mind and happy heart; they too could be touched by this method and experience the joy I am filled with.  Meditation has helped me to realize that we all have the ability to live in true peace and happiness, no matter the outward conditions.

By cleaning out what we have stored in our minds we can cleanse and heal our entire lives, and give to the people of the world our truest self, through pure expressions of love.   I am so thankful to have found meditation it is the best thing I have ever done for myself and all the people in my life.

Anna / University Student / Denver, CO