Meditation Retreat: Joy & Happiness

Meditation Retreat: Joy & Happiness - $49 - $20 off with COEXIST code

June 26, 2021 | 2PM - 5PM ET | 11AM - 2PM PT

Price - $49 ($20 OFF with coupon code)


Remember the last time you felt pure joy? What if you could feel that way every day? The physical and mental benefits of meditation have been thoroughly researched. Through meditation, we can experience lasting happiness and joy in our life. People think that happiness is reached when we obtain things from the world. Money, security, relationships, harmony with others and on and on. But true peace and happiness can only be found from within us.

Meditation clears the brain to experience the world in a new, exciting way. We can free ourselves from old conceptions and habits that are controlling our perceptions and actions. You will gain inner strength and an open mind that can accept all the conditions in life, letting you weather the ups and downs.

Eliminate negativity and watch your life change by practicing meditation. Join us for an amazing meditation practice to rewire your brain for positivity and joy. See for yourself how the world changes when we change ourselves.

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