How to be Courageous and Bold Retreat

Awakening Your Inner Confidence

How to Be Courageous and Bold Retreat - March 19 2022 - 12PM-2PM MT Donations Welcome

Do you ever feel that you lack courage to achieve all that you want to do in life? A courageous person endeavors to push ahead in their work with conviction. It is rare to find such a bold person because most people do not have the mind of courage. Instead, we have countless images and conceptions of ourselves that make us feel as though we are not up to the challenges in life. As a result, we allow this lack of confidence in ourselves to control our lives rather than living courageously.

Join this meditation retreat and learn how to eliminate the countless minds that hold you back. Meditation will allow you to find courage within yourself and be proactive in what you do. The boldest and most courageous person is the one who fully applies themself to the task at hand since they have the true mind and are not held back by fears and doubts.

Together we will begin to build courage in our hearts. At this retreat we will have special talks, meditation, yoga and a time for sharing. You will learn how to discard the false minds that hold you back. Let's cleanse our minds to become a truly courageous person.

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