Finding True Love Retreat

Join us! True Love Retreat. Let's meditate together to eliminate barriers to love. True love is a love that is all accepting, without judgment and free of expectation. True love is the law of nature itself.

Yet, it is hard to have this true love because our minds can hold many things that block us from it. When we clear these blockages from our mind we can see clearly and love truly. We can find the love that is real. We can make better choices and have joyful relationships.

With lectures and meditation sessions you will learn to look inward and find the conceptions that you hold in your mind that block love and eliminate them. We'll have exercise and entertainment to keep your energy flowing. During the session we will break out into small groups to share our feelings and thoughts.

Let us show you how to be free from searching for love and open yourself up to giving and receiving true love.

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