Finding Gratitude Retreat

Finding Gratitude Retreat - Nov 20 2021 - 12PM-1:30PM MT Donations Welcome

Let’s put the thankfulness back in Thanksgiving. New research shows that gratitude makes us happier and works to improve our mental health in many ways. A grateful mind is the foundation of happiness and meditation is the best way to achieve it. So, let’s get ready for Thanksgiving by learning how to become more grateful!

Join us for a meditation retreat that will deepen our appreciation for all our wonderful blessings. The perfect way to prepare yourself for the upcoming holiday season.

This will be a Thanksgiving feast for your mind. Our main course will be learning a meditation method that enables you to become your True self and live genuinely happy. As we break to digest, we move our bodies in a series of exercises that gently and effectively work every muscle. Then some musical entertainment. To finish off our feast a meditation dessert that will leave you feeling lighter and bring forth the gratitude in your heart.

Come and be a part of a retreat to kick off the holidays and enjoy a feast that will fill the spirit and lighten the mind.

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