Meditation SESSIONS

Monday - Saturday: 9:30AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 11:000AM - 3:30PM
See our Meditation Schedule for details

Start with a One-on-One Session

Book a One-on-One Session
 in-person or via web conference for $29 (one-hour).
Learn about how you can live free
from stress, pain and burdens.
Gain focus, clarity and peace of mind.
Become more effective facing life's challenges.
By selecting "In-Person Meditation Session" option, this means
you must have read and understood the terms of attending
in-person sessions, available for review, by selecting the button below.

Book a Meditation Session

For existing members only.
Choose "Online Meditation Session (Members Only)."

In-person sessions for members by appointment, please email or call.
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