Free Meditation Series

Meditation SESSIONS

Monday - Saturday: 9:30AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM - 3:30PM
See our Meditation Schedule for details

Free Virtual Meditation Experience For All

Our partner centers in New York and New Jersey are offering free guided meditation sessions to help people manage their stress and learn more about this amazing method.
essential wellness meditation

Essential Wellness

Mon & Fri @ 7PM MST
A free, online meditation series for healthcare and essential employees
Essential Wellness
Better Sleep Meditation

Better Sleep

Mon @ 10PM MST
Tue & Thu @ 8PM MST
A soothing meditation series to release tension in the body and mind, and gently invite a restful night’s sleep.
let's meditate

Finding Hope Within

Wed @ 5PM & 8PM MST
Sat @ 1PM MST
Free, online meditation events for hope and healing at a time when we need it most.
Kids Meditation

Kids Meditation

Sun @ 1PM MST
Free, online meditation for youth aged 8-12. Come discover meditation in a fun and supportive environment.
let's move

Let's Move

Wed @ 1PM MST
Sun @ 10AM MST
A fun, varied exercise session which will leave you feeling energized and happy!
words of wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Tue & Thu @ 8:30AM MST
Reading and discussion to reflect, connect, and cultivate inner peace.
how to meditate

How to Meditate

Fridays @ 5PM MST
A fun Q&A forum where we uncover the mysteries of meditation
smiling older gentleman

Meditation for Older Adults

Wed @ 8:30AM MST
A session geared toward  mature adults. an opportunity to hit restart and walk forward with new perspective and a pure and grateful heart.
Older Adults

Start with a One-on-One Session

Book a One-on-One Session
 in-person or via web conference for $29 (one-hour).
Learn about how you can live free
from stress, pain and burdens.
Gain focus, clarity and peace of mind.
Become more effective facing life's challenges.

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In-person sessions for members by appointment, please email or call.
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