Free Meditation Series

Meditation SESSIONS

Monday - Friday: 9:30AM - 9:00PM
Saturday: 9:30AM - 3:30PM
Sunday: 11:00AM - 3:30PM

Free Virtual Meditation Experience For All

Our partner center,, is offering free guided meditation sessions to help people manage their stress and learn more about this amazing method.
Nature's Flow Yoga Get your body, mind and spirit in the flow on MON, WED AND FRI 10AM MT

Natures Flow Yoga

Mon, Wed & Fri @ 10AM MST
Yoga with a meditation that brings real lasting change.
Natures Flow Yoga
Better sleep meditation Guided meditation for sleep -10PM on MON 8PM on TUES and THURS

Better Sleep

Mon @ 10PM MST
Tue & Thu @ 8PM MST
Release tension in the body and mind, and gently invite a restful night’s sleep.

How to Meditate

Wed @ 5PM & 8PM MST
Sat @ 1PM MST
Guided meditation to release the past and realize your true self.
Kids Meditation Growing peaceful minds for a positive life - Sun 1PM MST

Kids Meditation

Sun @ 1PM MST
Free, online meditation for youth aged 8-12. Come discover meditation in a fun and supportive environment.
Live home workout Easy life workout to get in shape at home 1PM MT on WED 10AM MT on SUN

Live Home Workout

Wed @ 1PM MST
Sun @ 10AM MST
An easy, no equipment live home workout for all ages and body types.
Live Home Workout
Inspirational Meditation 8:30AM MT on TUE and THUR

Inspirational Meditation

Tue & Thu @ 8:30AM MST
Reading and discussion to inspire, motivate, and fulfill.
Inspirational Meditation
Meditation for beginners-Your quick start to meditation 5PM MT on FRI

Meditation for Beginners

Fridays @ 5PM MST
A fun Q&A forum where we uncover the mysteries of meditation
Meditation for Beginners
Meditation for older adults

Meditation for Older Adults

Wed @ 8:30AM MST
Restart with a pure mind and enjoy doing it.
Older Adults

Inner Clarity Intro Session

Book a Get Started Guided Meditation session in-person or via web conference (one-hour - $35).
Learn to live free from stress, pain and burdens. Gain focus, clarity
and peace of mind.

Meditation Tips

For Online Meditation, we ask that you
please keep your camera on during the session.
By selecting "In-Person Meditation Session" option, this means
you must have read and understood the terms of attending
in-person sessions, available for review, by selecting the button below.
Always be comfortable, but we recommend sitting up to enhance concentration.

Book an Inner Clarity Intro Session

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